39 Weeks Of Pregnancy

Your kid is now ‘full term’ at 39 weeks pregnant, and you may be experiencing lightning crotch (!).


At 39 weeks, how big is your baby?

This week, your baby is 19.9 inches long and weighs 7.3 pounds. That is around the size of a Cabbage Patch Kid doll.

Here’s what more you should know if you’re 39 weeks pregnant:

  • Your Child, Your Body
  • Ultrasound at 39 Weeks
  • Real Mom Bumps at 39 Weeks in Your Life

Your Baby’s Development at 39 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations, baby, you’ve reached full term! Your child is on the verge of making its public debut. Here’s what they’re up to at 39 weeks.

  • Full term: Your baby is technically “aged enough” for birth. Even if you’re ready for the baby to arrive, they’re still laying down fat deposits and maturing their brains to prepare them for the crazy stimulation of the world this week.
  • Milder baby movements: Because it’s cramped in there, your baby isn’t kicking and moving about as much when you’re 39 weeks pregnant. Your baby’s movements should be as often as normal, even if they aren’t as acute. If you can’t get your baby to move, try drinking some cold water to wake them up; if that doesn’t work or you have any worries, contact your healthcare professional. They may wish to do a nonstress test to observe the baby’s movements.
  • Skin cell turnover: Your baby is developing new skin cells to replace old ones. After birth, the new cells will aid in temperature regulation.

Many congratulations

You have one more week until your deadline. You have completed your term!

Ultrasound at 39 Weeks Pregnancy


39 Weeks’ Best Tip Pregnant

Nipple stimulation does aid in the onset of labor. It’s so effective that if you’re not at a hospital or birth center, you should probably avoid it (or if you have a high-risk pregnancy).

39 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms in Your Body

You are it.
You’re almost there, baby! Your body is preparing for labor, and you may be having Braxton Hicks contractions or discovering that you’re dilated. Here are some of the things you could be feeling around 39 weeks pregnant.

  • The phenomenon of the lightning crotch is almost as fascinating as it sounds. It’s a brief, shooting pain in your pelvis that might be provoked by the movement of either you or your baby. It aches because your baby’s head is pressing against your cervix, which has a plethora of nerves. Most of the time, it’s just unpleasant and passes soon. You might obtain some relief by getting into a pool, which would reduce the strain on your pelvic.
  • Contractions caused by Braxton Hicks: These practice contractions may still occur, and they may be becoming unpleasant. Take notice of the tightening—when it becomes consistent and obvious, it is no longer Braxton Hicks; it is the genuine thing!
  • Dilation and obliteration: Your OB or midwife will most likely perform a cervical exam at your appointment to assess if you are starting to dilate or efface. What occurs is that they insert a couple of fingers into your vagina to see whether your cervix is opening. This can assist establish whether or not the labor process has begun, but it cannot forecast when you will deliver. Some women experience early labor that they are unaware of as their bodies prepare for childbirth, while others remain at 0 cm until their water breaks.
  • When you’re 39 weeks pregnant, it’s typical to see a rise in vaginal discharge. However, don’t confuse amniotic fluid leakage with discharge. Amniotic fluid is thinner and waterier—seek medical attention immediately if you detect it or are unclear what you’re experiencing. Amniotic fluid can sometimes be mistaken for urine.

Interesting Fact

Human pregnancies last roughly 268 days from ovulation, which puts us between cows (286 days) and chimps (240 days). Elephants may be pregnant for up to 645 days, or over two years!

Your Pregnancy Life at 39 Weeks Pregnant

Your due date is only a few days away. Is the suspense killing you? Here are some things to think about while you wait for contractions to begin.

  • Top tip: It’s fine to seek assistance if you need it, even before your kid comes. The last few weeks of pregnancy may be a jumble of restless nights, backaches, and nesting, and having an additional hand might allow you time to snooze or put your feet up. Profit from the fact that no one can resist assisting a waddling, about-to-burst pregnant woman.
  • R&R: And while we’re talking about putting your feet up, please relax as much as possible! Your mind may be working overtime, but your body needs a break. Do whatever you need to do to unwind for a time. (If birth visualization meditation is your thing, here’s a link to one.) Keep in mind to sit or rest on your side.)
  • Get your hands dirty: Most of the time, sex is safe until labor begins (as long as your water hasn’t burst). Furthermore, having sex in the last week or two may aid in inducing birth. Orgasms, according to the hypothesis, might produce contractions. So, if the mood strikes, don’t be afraid to express yourself.
  • If your OB or midwife hasn’t already, they may shortly offer to do a membrane sweep. During a vaginal exam, your practitioner will use their finger to separate the amniotic sac from the uterus by swiping it along with your cervix. According to research, a membrane sweep may lessen the requirement for a medical induction. It’s safe, rapid, and repeatable, yet it’s hardly the most pleasant sensation in the world.

It’s the last stretch! Do You Have Everything You Need?

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Your Pregnant Belly at 39 Weeks

Remember how terrified you used to be about giving birth? When you reach 39 weeks pregnant, you’re probably more than eager for your kid to arrive. After all, your baby is around 20 inches long, you’ve probably gained 25 to 35 pounds, and you’re more than a bit uncomfortable—not to mention excited to see your new kid!

You may rest confident that your kid will arrive when they are ready. While you wait, try to make the most of the time you have left by resting and maybe having a pedicure or other form of self-care.

Real Moms’ 39-Week-Pregnant Baby Bumps

39 Weeks Pregnant

39-Week-Pregnant Baby

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Checklist for 39 Weeks Pregnant Women

  • Attend your prenatal checkup at week 39.
  • Get to work. There is no solid proof that sex promotes labor, but it doesn’t harm to give it a shot if you’re willing.
  • Before giving birth, try to unwind and get some rest.
  • If you are over your due date, consult your doctor or a midwife to see if a membrane sweep is good for you.

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