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About Us

Hi there!

I’m Amy, the founder and chief Momy behind this little blog. As a busy mom of two young kids, life can get pretty hectic around here! My son Jackson is 6 and my daughter Sophie is 4. Those two keep me on my toes from morning ’til night!

Sophie is the reason I decided to name this site “Momy Insider.” When she first started writing, she would always spell “Mommy” as “Momy.” It melted my heart, and now seeing that word written out brings back all those sweet memories from when she was just learning. So Momy it is!

A little bit about me – I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for the past few years since having my daughter. Before kids, I worked in marketing and absolutely loved it. I’m a total organizational junkie and love finding new apps, planners, and systems to keep our busy household running smoothly.

In my spare time (does a mom of two ever have spare time??), I enjoy reading, cooking, Netflix binging, and getting creative with arts and crafts projects. I started this blog as a fun hobby and creative outlet, and also hope it will be a helpful resource for other moms out there navigating the crazy waters of parenthood.

At Momy Insider, you’ll find my musings on all things mom-related – tips for getting through toddler tantrums, easy family dinner ideas, how to actually carve out me-time as a parent, and more. I’m excited to connect with and learn from other moms along the way!

So thanks for stopping by – grab a cup of coffee and stay a while!