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To this day, people all around the world continue to practice the age-old art of babywearing. The most effective baby wraps allow your infant to snuggle up against your body, where they will remain comfortable and content as you go about your day. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) even claims that babywearing is beneficial since it helps parents feel closer to their babies and reduces crying.

There are many excellent options for carrying a baby, but many parents choose a wrap because it is so adaptable, easy to use, and comfy. Don’t know how to start looking for a baby wrap carrier that works for you and your child’s needs safely? We’ve narrowed the field down to the top 10 baby wraps so you don’t have to.

  • Throughout this piece, you will learn to:
  • So, what exactly is a baby wrap?
  • Using a wrap properly to prevent injury to your infant
  • Baby wraps that are top-notch

baby carrier wrap african

A Baby Wrap Is Exactly What?

Wraps are carriers for infants and young children that are created from one continuous piece of cloth. Wrapping a newborn traditionally involves creating a pouch for them to sit in by folding, knotting, and tying the wrap around the body. Depending on your child’s weight and the recommendations of the manufacturer, this style of the carrier can be used with a newborn, baby, or toddler.

Most fabric wraps, in contrast to baby ring slings, may be worn in a variety of ways provided you learn the proper knots to use to secure them. There are four common ways to carry a baby: front carry, rear carry, hip carry, and front carry with the baby facing the wearer.

If the thought of using a traditional baby wrap overwhelms you, there are several hybrid types available that call for far less folding and tying. In contrast to traditional baby wraps, which are simply created out of one long piece of cloth, hybrid wraps typically incorporate many components, such as cushioned shoulder straps and buckle fastening.

Using a Baby Wrap Properly

The most ideal baby wraps provide a secure and relaxed fit without sacrificing style or comfort. Since the manufacturer of your particular baby wrap is the ultimate authority on how to use it, reading the instructions is the best method to learn how to wear one and ensure the safety of both you and your baby. There are babywearing consultants (who exist, and are quite knowledgeable) and instructional videos online that you may watch if you’re still having trouble.

With that in mind, here are some basic guidelines for babywearing safety and best practices:

  • Never use a baby wrap for the first time without first reading the manufacturer’s instructions and ensuring that it is appropriate for your child’s weight and age.
  • Certified babywearing expert Laura Brown of suggests giving your carrier a test run before the baby is born to get used to the features and the tying procedure. To avoid unnecessary crying, Brown suggests testing out the carrier after feeding and changing the newborn. Going outside for some fresh air is another great method to help your baby adjust to its new surroundings.
  • Carriers are one of the safest methods to transfer a baby, but it’s important to bear in mind that babies should be held “high and tight on the body at kissable height, with face and airway accessible.” There is a risk that the baby won’t be able to breathe if their face is squished up against your body or if the wrap fabric gets in the way.
  • Verify that your baby is comfortably positioned: Infant hip dysplasia can be brought on through improper babywearing. As recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI), the “M” position is the safest way to carry a baby, as it supports the thighs and enables the legs to expand while keeping the hips in a stable posture.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of wear and tear: The best baby wrap brands on our list provide excellent goods, but you should still inspect your wrap often for signs of general wear and tear, especially around the seams and the hardware.

Wraps for Babies: Top Picks

When it comes to babywearing, many parents turn to a wrap carrier. Why? The most effective baby wraps can accommodate a variety of carrying positions and provide ample back and shoulder support for both the mother and the infant. We’ve compiled a variety of wraps, from traditional cloth carriers to hybrid wraps (that you wear like a T-shirt!).

Babies-On-The-Go Sling by Boppy

Here at Greatest of Baby, we think the Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier is the best baby wrap available, so we’ll start with it. This trendy alternative combines the best features of a baby wrap with a structured carrier. It is designed to be worn and removed with ease thanks to its breathable stretch fabric, cushioned shoulder straps, and adjustable waistline with buckle closure. The wrap is universally adjustable, so you and your spouse may use it with babies of different sizes. This baby wrap is also washable, so you won’t have to stress over spit-up stains.

Baby Wrap by Solly

Celebrities and parents all around the country enjoy the Solly wrap. This is a great summer baby wrap since it is made of a breathable, silky fabric that is also lightweight. This wrap is perfect for swaddling a newborn baby since the fabric adjusts to your shape (suitable for infants up to 25 pounds). It’s also available in a wide variety of stylish designs. Concerned about mastering the proper knot? You may find helpful video guides on how to tie and alter the wrap on the Solly website. The fact that the wrap is made and sewn in the USA is a nice bonus.

Baba K’tan Denim Wrap Carrier, the Authentic Baby Wrap Carrier

The most effective baby wraps have several uses and are simple to employ. Here we have the Baby K’tan. This baby wrap has been made to accommodate infants weighing between 8 and 35 pounds, and it can be dried in a machine. This cotton wrap may be worn straight away because it can be put on like a T-shirt. The International Hip Dysfunction Institute has also validated the safety and wellness of this baby wrap for use with young children. It’s easy to see why it gets so many five-star ratings. You should know that the Baby K’tan comes in dress sizes (from XS to XL), so if you and your spouse want to take turns wearing the baby, you may need to get two.

Weave a Boba

This modern take on the traditional baby wrap carrier minimizes strain on both the wearer and the infant. Even though it’s 16 feet long, the wrap’s super-stretchy cotton-spandex fabric makes it a breeze to secure around your body. By employing the “love your baby” inward holding method, it may be used with infants up to 35 pounds. In addition, this is a top pick for nursing mothers since it allows for a relaxed breastfeeding posture for the baby. Thanks to its universal sizing and machine-washability, this wrap may be used again and over again, regardless of the wearer’s size or shape. Can’t wait to find out more? See the entire, frank assessment written by a genuine mom right here.

Carrier for Infants That’s As Easy To Wrap As A Blanket, The Moby

The next renowned baby wrap brand on our list is Moby. The Easy-Wrap Baby Carrier is an innovative hybrid of a traditional wrap and a conventional carrier. Put it on like a T-shirt over your head; it buckles on the side, and it’s fully adjustable to fit your changing postpartum body. Aside from being appropriate for newborns and babies up to 33 pounds, this wrap may be worn in two distinct directions (inward-facing for infants and outward-facing for children 6 months and up). The International Hip Dysfunction Institute has validated the hip healthiness of this wrap and several of the other highlighted designs. The baby wrap carrier is designed with cushioned back support to make wearing it for extended periods of time, please.

Dragonfly Wrap by LLLÉbaby

The LLLébaby Dragonfly wrap is a simple solution for going hands-free. This carrier’s fabric is a cotton-and-linen combination that’s naturally soft, breathable, and, most importantly, accommodating. We really like how it has been simplified yet still has a cushioned back for comfort and support. Our baby wrap carrier, like many others on this list, comes pre-wrapped and is worn like a T-shirt, making it convenient to put on and take off in a flash. It’s universally sized to suit newborns and babies up to 30 pounds. There are other color options available for this baby wrap beyond black: khaki green and blush pink.

The Magical Ergobaby Aura Baby Wrap

Do you know that in addition to their well-known structured carriers, Ergobaby also produces baby wraps? Have a look at this enchanted baby wrap that was inspired by Hogwarts. As a result of its adjustable sizing, it’s suitable for both slim and stocky parents (and everything in between). It’s machine-washable and durable, and the fabric is soft and breathable, making it ideal for infants weighing 8 to 25 pounds. The wrap’s guiding edge includes contrasting stitching, making it simple to tie for both inexperienced and experienced babywearers. You don’t like the Harry Potter series, do you? The Aura wrap is available in not one, but ten lovely patterns. Bonus: 10% off everything with the coupon BUMP10.

Baby Carrier XOXO Buckle Wrap

The XOXO Buckle wrap is another winner of the Best of Baby award. This design is one of the most eco-friendly baby wraps we’ve encountered because it’s made from recycled materials. Since the color of the original clothing is preserved in the regenerated fabric, no potentially dangerous dyes or chemicals are introduced into the baby’s system. The four-way adjustable wrap is comfortable for babies and toddlers of all sizes, and it may be worn inner-facing, outward-facing, on the hip, or even on the back (weighing 7 to 35 pounds). Both the clasp and the strap are really sturdy and simple to use. This unisex wrap comes in a universal size that works for both sexes. A wrap that doesn’t harm the environment and can be used? Please include us in your plans.

Baby Carrier Konny

Want a wrap that won’t cause you any trouble but will keep your baby close? You may try the Konny baby carrier, which can be worn over the shoulder. The minimalist wrap was created by a mother who was experiencing severe back discomfort. It is extremely lightweight and has broad shoulder sashes to spread the baby’s weight across your upper body. It’s constructed of high-quality material that blocks off 99.5% of the sun’s UV rays while still being antibacterial and comfortable for babies to wear. And it can hold a maximum weight of 44 pounds, making it ideal for newborns and toddlers. Most notably, Baby wraps are great, but this one is ideal for plus-size parents since it comes in a wide range of colors and sizes (from 2XS to 5XL). If you live somewhere warm and are in need of a baby wrap, we recommend Konny’s summer design, which is constructed from air-vent fabric.

Happy! Baby Wrap, Stretchy

The Happy! wrap is the greatest of the best baby wraps and it is the last one on our list. This baby wrap is made in the USA and is ergonomic and ultra-soft, earning it certification from the International Hip Dysfunction Institute. This baby wrap is ideal for newborns up to 25 pounds and was created for busy parents on the go. The incredibly elastic and adaptable material is also extremely lightweight and breathable. One selling element is that a percentage of sales goes to support Japanese organizations in the United States and elsewhere.


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