Baby Carrier Wrap Diy

Before the birth of my second kid, I resolved to weave my own wrap. I could have done any other DIY baby wraps to keep Milo near, but I settled on a Moby-style wrap (also known as the “Fauxby”). Ultimately, I found this baby carrier to be the coziest one I’ve ever used.

Continue reading for my best advice on making your own DIY baby wrap.


baby carrier wrap diy

Let’s discuss the significance of babywearing for a while before diving into the DIY baby wrap guide. To begin, mothers are masters of multitasking. When newborn demands to be carried constantly, mundane tasks like grocery shopping, washing, and running after other children become daunting.

Wearing your baby can be a big assistance. To put it another way, it’s like gaining an extra set of arms. In the future, you won’t have to choose between comforting your infant and getting things done. Voila!

However, there is a deeper reason why babywearing is beneficial. Babywearing has been shown to benefit a child’s brain and social development. They do get to hear your voice and see you engage with others, which is great for their language development, and they do get a kick out of all the action!

Your baby’s head will stay more round if you wrap him or her in a wrap (plagiocephaly). Infants whose temperatures and heart rates are better maintained when carriers have been seen.

Babywearing is great because it helps both mothers and infants. However, their prices might be exorbitant. Therefore, I present a different choice. Our Do-It-Yourself Moby Baby Wrap is something you can try. Because of the low cost, you can easily construct several babies wraps to suit your various wardrobe needs.

Tutorial on making your own wraps for a baby.

Heather: “My mum helped me hem the edges. As soon as I realized how easy it was, I whipped up a second one on my own.

How to Make a Baby Wrap at Home Requirements:

  • 5.5 yards of muslin (one long piece will usually yield two wraps)
  • Alternate-material patch.
  • Sew some thread into your needle.

One helpful hint is to have the cloth precut at the retailer.


  1. Iron, pin, and hem the edges after cutting the cloth in half lengthwise so that it measures 20 inches wide and 5 yards long.
  2. Stick your patch where it will be immediately accessible by touch, such as in the center of the wrap.


Stretchy knits are what you should be looking for. The edges will be rough, but they won’t come apart. It’s a wrap, in the vein of Flashdance. Try to choose a blend of cotton (95%) and spandex (5%). For a width of 42 inches, you’ll need 5 yards. Just fold it in half lengthwise and slice it in half.

You can see how it will look when everything is laid out.

The question is, HOW DO YOU WEAR IT?

Before asking the worker at the baby store where we shopped to help me choose the right size, I did some experimenting on my own. Try watching the clip down below; it might help!

Don’t worry if you find out DIY isn’t for you.

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