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When Can I Start Using My Wrap Carrier? is a Basic Question in Babywearing. So, you’ve learned how to tie a wrap and have your wrap in hand. What’s next?

When can you begin using the KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier for your child? …

best baby carrier wrap

So, you’ve learned how to tie a wrap and have your wrap in hand. What’s next? When can you begin using the KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier for your child?

Obviously, if you’ve recently given birth, the time is NOW!

The KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier is suitable for use with infants and may be used up until the child reaches 25 pounds so that it can be used throughout your child’s development. Both KeaParents and infants may benefit from its universal sizing.

You can start using a wrap carrier if your newborn is healthy and weighs about 8 pounds shortly after birth. Since a newborn has a naturally curved body, the “Newborn Hug Hold” posture is ideal for starting babywearing. Babies prefer to be held in the “frog” posture, which is similar to their position while in the womb. The Newborn Hug Hold involves having a newborn close to your chest so they feel like they are being carried in the womb.

KeaBabies’ mission is to make you feel comfortable and confident when carrying your baby, no matter how big they get. It’s a common misconception that parents need to wait at least six weeks before using a baby carrier; yet, many carriers, such as the KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier, are made to be used from day one!

Check out these tried-and-true methods for wrapping a baby safely:

  • The baby’s face should always be in clear view. Avoid having your baby rest their face on your chest or the wrap. This is potentially fatal since it can cause suffocation. Dress comfortably, but not so loosely that you can’t see the baby’s face.
  • Get “near enough to kiss” that infant. Is it possible for you to kiss the top of the baby’s head by bending your neck? To put it another way, your baby is comfortably situated at the optimal height of your carrier. It is more probable that the baby will fall out of position if it is carried too low.
  • Baby’s breathing and airflow will be much easier if you maintain him or her in an upright position. Make sure your infant’s chin isn’t resting too heavily on their chest. Because of this, they will have trouble breathing.
  • Pick up some comfy outfits for your baby carrier and make sure to dress them in something appropriate. Keep in mind that one of the benefits of babywearing is that your body heat can aid the baby in maintaining a comfortable internal temperature. Infants are particularly vulnerable to heat stroke. When outfitting your infant for a wrap carrier, keep your body heat in mind. Wrapping them up too tightly might cause harmful temperature swings, so try not to do that.
  • Before putting your infant in the wrap, make sure it is securely wrapped around you. You should make sure the wrapping is neither too loose nor too tight. Make sure there are no holes in the cloth and all knots are tight. Before attempting to wear your infant, you may want to watch a lesson online and give it a try a few times. KeaBabies is a fantastic resource for learning Kea.
  • When carrying your kid, it’s important to watch how you’re sitting and moving. However, activities like walking and hiking are completely safe to do while carrying a baby, although engaging in sports is not recommended. Bend at the knees (not the waist) to keep the baby in an upright position as you undertake household chores.

Is there a specific time when you should begin carrying your baby?

If you’d want to bring your wrap carrier to the hospital with you, feel free to do so. Your newborn is ready to be worn as soon as possible after birth (assuming there are no medical issues). Newborns benefit greatly from spending as much time as possible skin-to-skin with their parents in the hours after birth. Breastfeeding mothers can benefit from skin-to-skin contact since it encourages milk production. Newborns benefit from skin-to-skin contact with their fathers because it allows them to control their body temperature. When a baby is worn, the caregiver is able to be close to the infant’s skin. In the early days, it’s best to spend as much time as possible holding a newborn.

Explain why a wrap carrier is perfect for newborns.

Babies have no control over their heads or necks. The wearer of a wrap must always have their head, neck, and back properly supported. The head of a newborn baby is disproportionately large to the rest of the body, making up around a third of the baby’s total weight. A child’s head and neck muscles won’t begin to achieve their full potential for another two to four months. Wrap carriers are great because they can be adjusted to fit the baby’s body perfectly, they are soft and comfortable, and they create a safe and secure environment for the infant. The KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier is a method of carrying a baby that uses the caregiver’s body to provide support for the infant’s back and neck.

The Newborn Hug Hold is a type of baby carrier that features padded “pockets” of cloth that allow the infant’s body to snuggle comfortably inside the carrier. A newborn’s hips, bottom, back, neck, and head are all comfortably and safely supported in this posture.

Is there any reason why you shouldn’t wear your newborn?

Newborns who are worn by their parents acquire a sense of security in their attachment to them. Babies enjoy being worn because it reminds them of being snug and secure in the womb. The “fourth trimester,” when a kid is first exposed to the world outside the womb, maybe a trying time for both parents and the child. The sights, sounds, light, noise, people, and odors of everyday life might be overwhelming for a baby. Babies benefit from being worn because it helps them to be close to their parents while also exposing them to the world around them. Infants who are worn often had fewer episodes of gas and colic. In the event that you and your infant decide to breastfeed, you’ll find that this aids in maintaining a positive bond between you and your kid. Soothe a fussy infant to sleep by carrying him or her in a baby carrier. Babies sleep more soundly when they are rocked and held close to their parents.

Keep in mind that you can start babywearing as soon as you bring your newborn baby home. Babywearing has advantages for both parents and infants from the very beginning. If you want to wear your baby safely and comfortably, the KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier is the way to go!

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