How To Make Baby Carrier Wrap

Creating A Wrap Carrier For Your Newborn: Step-By-Step Instructions

Having been a mother twice before, I believed I knew what to anticipate the second time around (aka the fourth trimester). My first child was a cuddle bug, but she learned to calm herself down early on, so I could do things like put the laundry in the dryer and style my hair while she napped. But my second kid turned out to be quite different! Keeping a lively 18-month-old nourished, happy, and amused ate up a lot of nap time.

At this point, I decided to look into the baby wrap more. I’d seen them in baby stores selling for $90 or more, and to be honest, I didn’t see much value in what appeared to be an expensive piece of fabric with a limited lifespan.

I decided to check out some videos on YouTube. And I’m really happy I did. As it turns out, putting together your own baby wrap is a breeze and won’t take you more than ten minutes. It just took around 15 minutes to sew the 50cm in length and the materials cost approximately $15.


Exactly what you’ve been looking for

Five meters worth of material, around

The answer is yes, you can:

a) use just one fabric scrap, or
If you go with option (b), you’ll need a sewing machine to link the two 2.5-meter lengths together (see illustrations for details), but you’ll only have to buy half as much cloth. Sewing in a straight line for just 50 centimeters!

Which fabric would you like?

The spotlight was the source of the vibrant, enjoyable jersey cotton I utilized. Jersey cotton is ideal because it is lightweight, breathable, and stretchy, and because the edges don’t fray.

An alternative would be to choose a fabric made from bamboo or breathable cotton (!critical).

The Art of Baby Wrapping

I used this YouTube lesson (many thanks, MySewBliss!)

Tutorial on Tying a Baby Wrap! – This is the cutest, coziest, and most fashionable option! Author: MySewBliss

MySewBliss also provides instructions on how to use the wrap in an ergonomic manner, which includes how to arrange your baby’s legs. Don’t stop watching till the very end…

Read up on the benefits of using slings and wraps when carrying a baby.

Check out Raising Children, an Australian resource for parents. The guide details what to look for in a baby carrier, how to place your child’s hips for optimal health, and how to securely use a sling, backpack, or another type of baby carrier.

There might be dangers involved with using a baby carrier or sling, whether you make it yourself or buy it. Before wearing a baby carrier sling, it is recommended that you consult with a child and family health nurse, general practitioner, or pediatrician.

Please feel free to recycle or use the packaging materials used to ship your order.

As an alternative to throwing away our packaging, perhaps you could find another use for it.

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