Is it Safe To Wear A Baby In A Sling?

Is it Safe To Wear A Baby In A Sling?

safe to wear a baby in a sling

If you follow the safety standards, a baby sling often a one-shouldered baby carrier made of soft fabric may be a safe method to carry a baby. However, a baby sling can cause asphyxia in a newborn, especially those under the age of four months.

During the first few months after birth, babies have relatively weak neck muscles and are unable to control their heads. If the fabric of the baby sling or your body presses on the baby’s nose and mouth, the infant may be unable to breathe. Suffocation can occur fast as a result of this. A baby sling can also keep a baby curled in a C shape, making breathing difficult.

If you are using a baby sling:

  • Read the directions. Before you put your infant in the baby sling, double-check the weight limit.
  • Keep your baby’s airways clear. Make sure your baby’s face is not obscured by the baby sling or your body and is always visible to you.
  • When bending, use caution. If you pick anything up while wearing your infant in a sling, bend at the knees rather than the waist. This will aid in keeping your baby secure in the sling.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of wear and tear. Examine the sling’s seams and fasteners for rips.

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