Pregnant At 20 Weeks

You’re halfway through your pregnancy at 20 weeks!


At 20 weeks, how big is your baby?

When you’re 20 weeks pregnant, your baby is 6.5 inches long and weighs 10.58 ounces. This is roughly the size of a Troll Doll.

Here’s what more you should know if you’re 20 weeks pregnant:

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  • Your Body
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  • Ultrasound at 20 Weeks
  • Bumps at 20 Weeks Pregnancy in a Real Mom

The Growth of Your Baby at 20 Weeks

This week, your baby is halfway through baking! They’ll get bigger and stronger as time goes on, as indicated by their more powerful kicks and movements.

  • Taste: Your baby’s taste buds are developing beautifully. They may now distinguish strong flavors from meals you eat, such as garlic, spicy dishes, or curry.
  • Poop: Around 20 weeks of pregnancy, your baby’s digestive tract continues to develop, and they begin to produce meconium. It’s caused by the amniotic fluid and other cells they’ve been consuming. It will also be the site of the baby’s first feces. Some newborns pass meconium immediately before delivery or on their way out, but the majority wait till after birth.
  • Moving and grooving: By 20 weeks, your baby is getting more active in there, moving and floating around.

It’s Important to Feel Your Baby Move—and Every Kick Counts

Between 18 and 25 weeks, you should start to feel your baby move. It may seem like a small flutter at first, but you’ll soon start experiencing kicks, punches, and somersaults from your growing kid.

If you’re not feeling it yet, and you’re receiving frequent checks, your uterus is growing normally, and you’re not experiencing any unusual bleeding, you’re probably fine but talk to your doctor if you have any concerns. You won’t need to start counting kicks until your third trimester to check your baby’s frequent movements.

If you’re 20 weeks pregnant with twins, you could be experiencing two separate sets of kicks and movements by now. Similar to an in-utero call and response!

Interesting Fact

The inner ear of your infant is the only sensory organ that is fully formed at birth. At 20 weeks, the baby is fully cooked!

Ultrasound at 20 Weeks Pregnancy

If you haven’t already, your 20-week ultrasound will take place this week. This is your first photo opportunity with your new baby, also known as an anatomy scan, abnormality scan, or mid-pregnancy scan. An ultrasound technician will scan the baby’s body to ensure that everything is growing at the appropriate rate for their gestational age and that everything looks normal.

They’ll also examine your uterus and placenta, as well as measure your amniotic fluid, to ensure you’re in good health. And now is the moment to find out whether you’re having a boy or a girl!


How many months are there in 20 weeks of pregnancy?

Four months and two weeks pregnant equals 20 weeks. You’ve made it halfway!

Symptoms of a 20-Week Pregnancy

For some, this is the ideal period of pregnancy—you’re not feeling severe exhaustion or morning sickness, but your baby isn’t so huge that you’re uncomfortable. Enjoy this wonderful moment if you’re in a good mood. Here’s what your body could be up to at 20 weeks.

  • Uterus: Your uterus has most likely grown to the size of your belly button.
  • Weight gain: By 20 weeks pregnant, most women have gained eight to ten pounds and will begin adding half to a full pound each week.
  • Swelling: Because additional fluids account for around 25% of your weight growth, swelling during pregnancy is totally natural, especially in your ankles and feet. It is also known as “edema.” To ease the discomfort, consider keeping off your feet and lowering your coffee and salt consumption. (Contact your doctor if you get sudden, severe swelling in your hands and feet.) It might be an indication of preeclampsia.)
  • Sex desire: Sex is safe for virtually everyone during pregnancy, however, your sex urge may change during your pregnancy. Blame it on the hormones. Around the 20-week point, many women notice an increase in their appetite. If this describes you, embrace it! If you don’t, know that you’re not alone. Anxiety or concern about the future, your developing body, and your delivery may all have an impact on desire. Learn more about pregnant sex.

Top Pregnancy Tip for 20 Weeks Pregnant

Sex is safe for virtually everyone during pregnancy, however, your sex urge may change during your pregnancy.

At 20 Weeks Pregnant, This Is Your Life

You’re halfway through, which is significant, especially when you feel like you’ve been pregnant for a hundred years. Here are some pointers to help you navigate the second part of your pregnancy smoothly.

  • Top tip: Celebrate this unofficial milestone with a little party. That may be pizza and chocolate, a pregnancy photo shared on social media, or simply a moment of quiet thought to acknowledge how far you’ve come.
  • Helpful hint: Are leg cramps keeping you up at night? Baby weight, edema, and changes in circulation can all be blamed for those bothersome middle-of-the-night Charley horses. Staying hydrated is beneficial, as are calf stretches and compression stockings on a regular basis. If you get leg cramps, try stretching and massaging the cramping muscle. A heating pad or a warm towel can also help relieve cramps.
  • Prepare the registry: Although your baby shower is months away, starting your baby registry now allows you plenty of time to pick exactly what you want and need. Ask your parent friends what they can’t live without and what they wish they’d had when their children were born. You’re undoubtedly aware of someone who would gladly share their baby gear spreadsheet with you. When they make an offer, accept it! Then, with respect, select what is best for you. (Would you want additional ideas? We provide example registries as well as a plethora of product manuals.)
  • Give yourself a foot massage: it’s always a nice treat. When you’re pregnant, though, a foot massage is like a taste of heaven. When you have an hour and some extra cash, go directly to the salon for a Pedi and a foot massage. Do you have a partner? See if they’ll rub your feet. You completely deserve it.

To Do: Make a Baby List

You may use Babylist to add any item from any retailer to ONE registry. You’ll also receive a Hello Baby Box filled with free (wonderful!) items.

Real Moms’ 20-Week-Old Baby Bump

20 Weeks Baby

20-Weeks -Baby.jpg

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Checklist for 20 Weeks Pregnant Women

  • Create your baby registry now so you may fine-tune it later.
  • Make a date night with your lover.
  • With a bump photo, mark the halfway point.

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