Pregnant At 42 Weeks

If your baby does not arrive on its own at 42 weeks, you will most likely be induced.


This week, your baby is 20.3 inches long and weighs 8.1 pounds. This is around the size of a punch balloon.

Your Child at 42 Weeks

  • Postterm: Your baby is officially “post-term” this week since he or she is more than a week late. This suggests that the chance of delivery difficulties has increased somewhat this week. This, along with the fact that the placenta begins to age and may no longer transmit nutrients and oxygen to your baby as well as it once did, may prompt your doctor to consider an induction.
  • Fattening up: Your baby is still gaining some weight. Newborns born later are somewhat larger than full-term babies.
  • Postterm infants are also more attentive at delivery as a result of all that additional baking.
Interesting Fact

Many cultures have a 40-day “lying-in” period during which a mother stays at home to recover following childbirth.

Pregnancy Symptoms at 42 Weeks

  • Contractions: At this time, determining whether you’re feeling Braxton Hicks contractions or if your body is in actual labor may be more difficult than ever. Remember to keep track of how long the contractions last and how far apart they are. Many doctors advise people to go to the hospital when the contractions are around five minutes apart and last 60 seconds each. Of course, it all depends on how near you are to the hospital and how many kids you’ve given previously, as first-time labor might take a little longer than subsequent ones.
  • Tension: You may be feeling a great deal of stress and excitement over the coming of your kid. After all, you’ve been waiting two weeks longer than you expected, and everyone keeps asking you where the baby is! Try not to be stressed; as long as your doctor is regularly monitoring the baby with nonstress testing, you’re conducting kick counts and everything is normal, everything should be OK. Relax and perhaps attempt some meditation or any labor relaxation methods you’ve learned.
  • Fatigue: You’re undoubtedly tired of being pregnant at this time, but you may also be physically fatigued. After all, you’ve been carrying excess weight for a time, and you may be having difficulty sleeping because you’re uncomfortable and worried.
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Your Pregnant Belly at 42 Weeks

Do you ever wonder what happens once you finish your term? This week is most likely it. If you haven’t already begun labor, your doctor will most likely propose inducing you this week because the chances of problems skyrocket for kids delivered beyond 42 weeks.

In the meanwhile, you’ll most likely have another non-stress test and/or an ultrasound to check on the baby’s health.

In addition to Pitocin and cervical ripening creams, your hospital staff may suggest alternative ways of medical induction, such as breaking your water or inserting a balloon (yep, a balloon). Before you go in, review the specifics and ask as many questions as you can about the procedure so you can make educated judgments.

Top Pregnancy Tip for Women Who Are 42 Weeks Pregnant

A Dependent Care FSA can save you up to 30% on daycare costs! Put in as much money as you need for daycare this calendar year (up to $5,000) if your company provides it. If they don’t, seek the Dependent Care Tax Credit, which provides up to $3,000 in assistance.

Congratulations you’ve received a tax break!

Parenting is costly, but Uncle Sam wants to help you out.

If you have a kid, you may be eligible for the Child Tax Credit, Child, and Dependent Care Credit, and Earned Income Tax Credit. There’s also a special adoption credit! Even if your child is born on December 31, you will be eligible for tax breaks for the full year. (For further information, contact TurboTax.)

You will need your child’s social security card to add to your tax return. When you fill out the birth certificate form at the hospital, you will most likely apply for this. If you had a home birth, follow these steps to obtain your child’s SSN. They typically take one to four weeks to process.

Partner Suggestion

While she’s cluster feeding, assist with this paperwork.

Real Moms’ 42-Week-Old Baby Bump

42-Week-Old Baby

42 Weeks Baby

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Pregnancy Checklist for Week 42

  • Attend your prenatal checkup at week 42.
  • If your doctor suggests it, attend your ultrasound and/or nonstress test sessions.
  • Schedule your induction if you and your doctor have decided on one.
  • Pack a few extra magazines, download some podcasts, and have other things on hand to keep your mind occupied if you’re having an induction, since you may be waiting for a while for labor to actually start.
  • Take that hospital bag and run. It’s finally time to meet your child!


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