Pregnant For 11 Weeks

You may still experience morning sickness at 11 weeks pregnant, as your baby begins to develop fingers and toes.


At 11 weeks, how big is your baby?

Your child is around 1.6 inches long and weighs.25 ounces. That is around the size of a LEGO guy.

Here’s what more you should know if you’re 11 weeks pregnant:

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  • Ultrasound at 11 Weeks
  • Pregnancy Checklist for a Real Mom Bumps at 11 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby’s Growth at 11 Weeks

At this time, your baby’s head is roughly the same size as the rest of their body, although they will eventually grow more proportionate. Here are some of your baby’s developmental milestones this week.

  • Hair follicle formation: Hair follicles are forming on your baby’s head and body.
  • Fingers and toes: Hands and feet are no longer webbed. Fingers and toes are separated, and little fists are preparing to open and close.
  • Tooth buds: Believe it or not, your growing kid is already developing tooth buds beneath the gums, even though their first tooth won’t arrive until four to seven months after birth.

Ultrasound at 11 Weeks Pregnancy


Your Body: Pregnancy Symptoms at 11 Weeks

We may sound like a repeated record, but if your pregnancy symptoms are still bothering you, remember that you’re getting closer to the second trimester when they should begin to subside.

  • You may still feel queasy: in the morning. Those pregnant hormones will balance out in the second trimester. Remember, this will pass—and it might be just a few weeks.
  • Fatigue: Are you still exhausted? There is a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel. Your energy level will most likely return to normal during the next week or two. Sit up straight—and get as much rest as you require.
  • Frequent urination: Due to pregnancy hormones and increased blood flow, you’re definitely urinating more frequently these days.
  • Stuffy nose: Because a rise in estrogen causes nasal passages to enlarge, you may feel more sniffly around 11 weeks pregnant.
  • A unique appointment: It’s time for your 12-week ultrasound, so you’ll need to make an extra doctor’s visit. This checks up on how the baby is doing in there, confirms the baby’s heartbeat and due date, and determines whether your body is doing well with pregnancy. You’ll also receive a snapshot of the baby for the first time! You will also be able to get a nuchal translucency scan. (You can read more about it here.)

Top Tip for 11 Weeks Pregnant

If you drink a cup or two of water before your nuchal translucency scan, you’ll get a clearer image.

Your Pregnancy Life at 11 Weeks Pregnant

The first few months of pregnancy might be exhausting, but that’s why the small things matter so much. These suggestions will make you feel better and bring more harmony into your life.

  • Make plans for yourself: You’re almost done with the first trimester. All of those unpleasant symptoms are expected to improve and, hopefully, go away soon. You could even discover that you have additional energy. Consider celebrating the magnificence of the second trimester before things start to feel uncomfortable again, and arrange some enjoyable activities to look forward to. Weekend at the beach? A trip with friends? Massage during pregnancy? Make the most of these happy months.
  • Who knew having a stuffy nose during pregnancy was so common? While other early symptoms will fade with time, congestion may last for a long period. If a blocked nose is interfering with your sleep, Breathe The right nasal strips may make a significant impact. They’ll also come in useful if you start snoring during the third trimester—hey, it happens!
  • Getting down and dirty: As your morning sickness subsides and your energy returns, you may be able to resume your exercise routine. Prenatal yoga is a great way to incorporate gentle movement into your life: prenatal classes are specifically designed to be safe for expectant mothers, plus they’re a great way to meet other moms-to-be, and yoga is good for a variety of things, including stress relief, better sleep, carpal tunnel syndrome, and back pain. Prenatal yoga is available at the majority of yoga studios. If you can’t locate one near you, go online for prenatal yoga videos.
  • Recipes: Don’t give up if nausea is still bothering you. The next weeks will most certainly provide some respite. Meanwhile, add some spice to your life with ginger, which is utilized to cure a variety of stomach problems. Try these recipes for ginger-infused beverages, and ginger snaps are a delicious, calming treat.

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Your Pregnant Belly at 11 Weeks

There are several reasons why you may begin to “appear pregnant.” For a first-time pregnancy, it’s normal to start showing between weeks 12 and 16—this is when your uterus begins to rise up and out of the pelvis to accommodate your developing baby. If you’ve previously been pregnant, you may already be showing since your body has stretched. Bloating is also normal at this point, so even if you don’t have a formal 11-week baby bulge, you could be having difficulties buttoning your trousers.

If you’ve been sickly, you might not have gained much weight or perhaps lost a pound or two. However, weight increase during the first trimester is normally just three to four pounds, so it’s usually not a major deal.

Real Moms’ 11-Week-Old Baby Bump



Partner Suggestion

Attend prenatal checkups and the childbirth class with her. You’ll want to know what’s going on with the baby and what you can do to help her during and after childbirth, believe us.

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Checklist for 11 Weeks Pregnant

  • If you’re interested in prenatal yoga, look for a local studio that offers courses that work with your schedule or watch some videos online.
  • Consider buying up a few pregnancy novels if you’re searching for a fun way to pass the time during these early weeks. They can help you de-stress and demystify delivery and nursing by answering your most pressing questions. Here are a few of our favorites.
  • Get some rest and relaxation. Allow yourself to relax when your energy levels are low.
  • Make a reservation for a prenatal massage. Even if you have to have it in the second trimester, it will give you something to look forward to.

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