Thirty-One Weeks Pregnant

As your baby becomes larger, you may have more aches and pains around 31 weeks pregnant.


At 31 weeks, how big is your baby?

This week, your baby is 16.2 inches long and weighs around 3.3 pounds. That is around the size of a SunnyD.

Here’s what more you should know if you’re 31 weeks pregnant:

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  • Ultrasound at 31 Weeks
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Your Baby’s Growth at 31 Weeks

  • They can now swivel their heads from side to side and are developing their neck muscles.
  • Exceptional intelligence: Your baby’s brain is growing at a breakneck pace! This week, the baby’s advancements include the formation of critical neurological connections that guarantee all five senses are functioning properly. Yes, this unborn child is ready to see, feel, touch, taste, and hear.
  • Baby position at 31 weeks pregnant: As the space in there grows tighter, your baby is beginning to cuddle into the fetal position. They might possibly be looking down, preparing for their big debut.

Many congratulations

It’s only 63 days till your due date!

Ultrasound at 31 Weeks Pregnancy


Your Body: Pregnancy Symptoms at 31 Weeks

Belly aches and pains are typical around 31 weeks pregnant. You might be suffering with anything from round ligament discomfort to Braxton Hicks contractions to just having gas or constipation. Most of the time, it’s nothing serious, but if you’re in pain and don’t know what’s causing it, call your doctor.

  • Ouch! Hip and/or back ache! As your pelvis begins to relax in preparation for delivery, you may experience hip and back pain. This might be due to pregnancy-related sciatica, round ligament discomfort, or just general pains. Try some of these stretches or pregnant yoga.
  • Breathlessness: Shortness of breath is quite prevalent during pregnancy. This is caused in part by the hormone progesterone, but also by the baby growing and squeezing your lungs, preventing you from breathing deeply.
  • Changes in hair and nails: While it is normal for some pregnant women to have thicker hair and better skin, not all are that fortunate. During pregnancy, some women report very fragile nails. Don’t panic if your nails have started to chip excessively—they should return to normal once you deliver.
  • Problems sleeping: Baby’s motions are becoming more intense, and newborns, unfortunately, tend to hold in-utero dance parties when mom finally has a chance to relax. Not only that, but you may be dealing with pregnancy symptoms that keep you up, such as leg cramps, or you may just be uncomfortable or even worried out—hey, you’ve got a lot on your mind! Stay hydrated, use as many pillows as you need to be comfortable, and engage in relaxing nightly routines such as turning off electronics or drinking chamomile tea. Also, get lots of activity throughout the day.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions: Your body is preparing to give birth. For around 30 seconds at a time, you may feel your belly tighten and become rock hard. It’s a Braxton Hicks contraction if it’s only somewhat unpleasant and goes away when you change positions. True labor contractions will be painful and will occur at regular and closer intervals as time passes. Stay hydrated to avoid experiencing too many Braxton Hicks contractions and having them progress into premature labor. If you experience more than four contractions in an hour, or if you have any other strange symptoms in addition to the pain, contact your doctor.

Your Pregnant Mind

Did you realize that pregnancy hormones have an effect on your brain? We’re not talking about forgetfulness, which most people associate with the “pregnancy brain.” We’re talking about a maturation that’s taking place in that brain. According to one research, women’s brains adapt during pregnancy to allow them to better grasp the perspectives of others. Perhaps to sympathize with a wailing baby? We believe so.

31 Weeks of Your Life Pregnant

There are nine weeks till your due date, but who’s counting? Here’s some tried-and-true advice to get you to the end.

  • A pregnant massage isn’t only a wonderful treat; it’s also a terrific method to ease back, shoulder, and hip discomfort and relaxes. Look for a prenatal massage clinic or a massage therapist that has received specialized training in perinatal massage methods. They’ll have the required props and table to keep you comfy and protect your stomach. Ahhh…
  • Prepare yourself: It might be difficult to figure out what to feed oneself while you’re trying to feed a hungry newborn—but fatigued postpartum parents want access to full meals. When food supplies from friends and family run out, ready-to-eat freezer dinners may make all the difference. Begin cooking today to stock your freezer. Here are some helpful ideas for postpartum meal preparation.
  • What’s best for your body: As your stomach develops and your body becomes more uncomfortable, you may feel that you require inspiration to continue moving. It’s not a bad thing to desire a little additional help. A good podcast, such as Dirty John, You Must Remember This, Bear Brook, or The Habitat, can keep you company on your regular stroll. Psst: They’re also entertaining to listen to on the sofa if you’re tired of walking.

Managing Several Registries?

We can link or move things to your Babylist (you will not lose any of your hard work!) Everything will be in one location, and you will only need to share one registry link with the people in your life who are gift-givers.

Your Belly at 31 Weeks Pregnant

The typical weight increase at 31 weeks pregnant is between 21 and 27 pounds. Your uterus now occupies your whole pelvis, and you may find that your belly interferes with almost everything you do, even walking. Hello there, waddle!

Amniotic fluid continues to expand until roughly 36 weeks pregnant, which contributes to the fact that your tummy appears to swell by the day! And the baby’s motions are more intense than ever.

Real Moms’ 31-Week-Old Baby Bump

31 Week Baby

Moms' 31-Week

Top Pregnancy Tip for 31 Weeks Pregnant

A few home comforts (such as your favorite robe, slippers, and pjs) will make your hospital stay much more pleasant.

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Checklist for 31 Weeks Pregnant

  • Prepare your hospital pack.
    Prenatal massage is an excellent stress reducer. Check to see if someone in your region
  • specializes in it and schedule one as a third-trimester treat.
  • Prepare a few freezer dinners for when the baby is delivered. (Not only for meals; a few loaves of banana bread may make excellent morning munchies.)

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