What Should You Do If You Don’t Have A Baby Monitor

A baby monitor may not be as vital as you believe. This post is for you

if you don’t have access to a monitor but still want to keep an eye on your youngster.

Baby Monitor

Without a baby monitor, my spouse and I battled on a few occasions. I wish I had a list like this to help me narrow down probable possibilities.

In this post, I’ll tell you about all the additional things you can do to ensure your baby sleeps comfortably when you’re not there.

This post will go through the following seven alternatives to a baby monitor:

  • Phone Webcam Security Camera
  • No Monitor Walkie-Talkie Smart Speaker
  • Continue reading to discover viable options that might provide distinct benefits while also saving you money.

If you’re looking for the best baby monitor and want to read actual reviews from real parents, this is the place to be. You should look at this list I put up of the best baby monitors for 2022.

What characteristics should a baby monitor alternative have?

One-way audio is the bare minimum in a baby monitor option. In other words, your gadget should be able to notify you when your baby is making noises!

Your alternative must also be dependable. A equipment that is continuously on the fritz or only picks up loud noises serves no use. Whatever you pick, be sure that even quiet noises can be heard over the signal.

With these factors in mind, I discovered seven easy alternatives to utilize if you don’t have a baby monitor.

Top 7 Baby Monitor Substitutes

1. Phone Smartphone Baby Monitoring

A smartphone is one of the most easily available improvised baby monitors. Most of us already have them, so there’s no need to get another!

This solution necessitates the use of two phones. You can also use one mobile phone and another device, such as a laptop or tablet. Following that, I’ll go into how to use tablets and laptops as displays.

You may use your phone to monitor your baby’s sleep in a variety of ways.

1‚Äč. Making a phone call
2. Video conferencing
3. Applicant-specific

Here’s how they individually function.

It’s simple to make a phone call; all you need are two gadgets. Make a call from phone #1 to phone #2, or to the laptop or tablet. Then, place one of the cells in your baby’s nursery and link them for as long as you need.

Use a phone feature like Facetime or Skype to make a video call so you can watch whether your baby wakes up and moves about. You’ll also need two Skype accounts in addition to the two devices.

Finally, you may use specialist software such as Faebir or Cloud Baby Monitor – there are other possibilities! These include useful features such as activity records and vibration warnings.

Make sure the phone is close enough to the crib to hear any screams without being too close to the kid.

For more details, see my tutorial on how to use a smartphone as a baby monitor.

2. Tablet

Using a tablet to observe your child from a distance is comparable to using a phone. It entails making use of the call features or a specialist baby monitoring app.

If you need simple video surveillance, consider Google Hangouts and Skype. You’ll need two devices and two accounts once again.

I tried it with my phone and a tablet, and it worked well!

Keep in mind that while using a tablet, your video monitoring is usually dependent on WiFi. This means that if your WiFi goes down in the middle of the night or during a nap, you may lose connectivity and may not hear your child awaken.

3. webcams

Another gadget that may be used as a makeshift baby monitor is a webcam. The concept behind this method is to record the video using a service like Facetime, Skype, or a dedicated app.

Because webcams are frequently built into laptops, this is an excellent option if you already possess one.

If your computer does not already have a camera, look for low-cost ones from Amazon, Best Buy, and Target.

Then, connect your laptop’s camera or a second webcam to your computer using Bluetooth or a USB cable. Because some cameras are wireless, it will be dependent on your device.

Finally, select an online monitor program to convert your webcam, and you’re set to sleep easily.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Phones, Tablets, and Laptops as Baby Monitors

For infant monitoring, smartphones, tablets, and webcams all employ a similar

mechanism. Here are the advantages and downsides of this category of gadgets.


  • You most likely already have one!
  • Extremely simple to use


  • You will require two devices.
  • reliant on WiFi
  • Frequently run out of charge

4. Security Cameras

To feel secure in their homes, an increasing number of parents are purchasing interior and outdoor security cameras. These are simple to use in place of baby monitors and have various advantages.

I discovered some great features for the most recent security cameras on the market. Here are some of my favorite specifications.

Remote access allows you to keep an eye on your child even while you’re not at home.

Night vision is as sci-fi as it sounds! In the dark, you can see what your infant is up to.

Recording: Useful if you’re going on a trip and don’t want to miss a single moment with your child.

Digital zoom and remote mobility: Move the camera around the room to scan it even if you’re a long distance away.

My particular favorite feature is the option to record. I have a couple acquaintances who have recordable security cameras and have captured some amusing situations with their babies on tape!

Because security cameras are already intended to monitor your home, the move is simple. There’s also no need to worry about losing a charge because they’re built to last for hours.

Check out this post I published on utilizing home security cameras as a baby monitor for more details. Furthermore, I recommend reading my evaluation of the Google Nest Cam, which is one of the finest security cameras to use as a baby monitor.

5. 2-Way Radio or Walkie-Talkie

A Walkie-talkie or 2-way radio that does not require human activation is ideal for use as a baby monitor.

When you were ready to chat, you pressed a button on most of the gadgets we used back then. Fortunately, many 2-way radios now have voice activation. You just begin chatting (or the baby begins crying), and you can hear it on the other end.

Walkie-talkies have a greater range than most baby monitors and provide two-way audio, allowing you to croon a lullaby to your baby.

What’s the nicest thing about using a Walkie-talkie instead of a baby monitor? When your children reach the appropriate age, you may use them as a fun toy for hiding & seek and outdoor excursions!

When we were kids, walkie-talkies got us through years of tech-free play, and now we can use them to keep an eye on our own.

Do you know which walkie-talkie to get? Here’s a good choice at a fair price that’s available on Amazon.

6. Amazon Echo and other intelligent speakers

Smart speakers, similar to security systems, are taking the globe by storm. These gadgets allow you to communicate with your house as if you were in a science fiction film. Request that Alexa or Siri give you the weather, play a music, or – monitor your baby?

No, not exactly. You use a smart speaker for baby monitoring in the same manner that you would a phone or tablet.

You may spy on your precious tot using Alexa’s “drop-in” function or simply dialing. Call your phone or laptop over the speaker, then listen in as your child naps!

If you don’t have a baby monitor, here are some advantages and disadvantages of using a smart speaker:


  • You may already own one.
  • Excellent audio quality Long battery life or connected charging


Some customers claim that calls stop working after a few hours.

  • They use WiFi, therefore if the signal is lost.
  • The monitor will not function properly.

7. A Deviceless Approach Baby in crib

One thing jumped out to me throughout my search for the best baby monitor replacements. Professionals believe that nothing beats your careful supervision and proximity for a baby’s safe and joyful slumber.

When planning the arrangement of your baby’s nursery, bear in mind that you’ll want to be as close to them as possible. And, when they’re asleep, leave the nursery door open. Noises are simpler to hear this way.

Consider purchasing a portable travel crib instead. When your baby is resting throughout the day, you may keep them near to you, even if they are in the same room!

Regardless, be sure to personally check on your child and adopt safe sleeping habits.


If you choose a tech device option, make sure to try it from various distances and rooms. Also, test the effectiveness with different sound levels, such as a loud cry or a drowsy mumble.

You may utilize an existing device, such as a phone, laptop, security camera, or smart speaker. Alternatively, acquire an inexpensive DIY baby monitor, such as a Walkie-talkie!

And, whatever you do, be sure to always follow safe sleeping habits and to check on your child on a frequent basis.

There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a pricey baby monitor if you’re on a limited budget. Use this list to see whether you can save money by reusing something you already possess.

P.S. If you’re looking for the greatest baby monitor and want to read actual reviews from real parents, go no further. You should look at this list I put up of the best baby monitors for 2022.

To gain the finest insights and ideas for finding the best baby monitor, I studied over 300 internet reviews and asked my friends and other parents. I’ve compiled this list of the finest baby monitors based on their recommendations and my personal experience.

Baby Monitor

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